2 Amazing Examples of Persuasive Essays That Will Make Your Essay Writing Easy & Simple

These jobs can hardly explain the very real-world problems that exist in a country. If a person is to cast a vote which would decide the future of millions of people then they should have real-life experience.
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Students find write my essay for me to be quite tough. Which is why they complain about them a lot. And I mean like a lot.

So, I thought that I should make things a bit easier for them. Here I have two persuasive essay examples that are easy to understand. Once you study these essays and compare them with one another, you will be all set.



Example 1… Voting Rights

The topic of voting right is under much discussion, especially during the election season. One of the topics, that is debated endlessly is the one about the age of voters. Some people claim that the voting age should be shifted to 21 while others argue that even under 18 citizens should be allowed to vote. The write my paper will argue against 18-year-olds being allowed to vote.

Firstly, a person at the age of 18 does not have any real-world experience. At 18, a person is at high school or graduating from school. They have not yet entered the real world and have no idea about the struggles of the real world. Most of the exposure of these people comes from summer jobs. 

Secondly, 18-year-olds are hardly so mature that they understand the implications of what they are doing. It is true that some 18-year-olds are rather mature but that is a small minority among the vast majority. Most of the 18-year-olds are adults in name only. They have just gotten out of high school and do not even know how to function on their own, no matter how much they crave independence. Hence, they should not be allowed to make such decisions.

Thirdly, 18-year-olds make comprise of a large percentage of essay writer and hence they must not be allowed to vote. This is because there are pre-existing doubts about the experience and maturity or these young adults. As they make up a large portion of the populace, they can easily swing the vote one way or the other. In many states, 18-year-olds make up almost half the population. This is a great number and so these people must be allowed to mature so that they cannot make hasty decisions.

In conclusion, the voting age in elections should not be 18. This is because 18-year-olds do not have the experience or the maturity to decide what is right and what is wrong. Moreover, their decision will impact billions of people. Lastly, as the young population is quite large, collectively, they could make hasty decisions and swing the election in one direction. The implications of this could be disastrous so youngster must not be allowed to vote.



Example 2… Women in Politics

The role of women in politics has traditionally been quite low and continues to remain low as compared to men. The reasons for this low participation have been under much discussion but people have not been able to come up with a concrete conclusion. However, one thing is quite clear. Men are the ones that are responsible for low female participation in politics.

First of all, traditional male dominance ensured that women would not take part in politics. In western countries, the issue of write my paper for me is widespread to this day. However, this was even worse in the previous centuries when women were thought incapable of becoming leaders. Living in a patriarchal society meant that women had to follow the commands of their father, brother, husbands, or sons. These men did not consider women to be equal to them and restricted them from politics which resulted in almost no female participation.

Secondly, women are expected to conform to the traditional standards of femininity to this day. Since these standards of femininity are created by men, it is the male populace who expects women to sit at home and take care of domestic work. They are expected to create a family and take care of the children while the men handle politics. Women who enter politics are expected to handle both politics and do their household chores which is a standard set by men.

Lastly, there is a great deal of prejudice against women who enter politics and they are targeted by men. This prejudice makes it very hard for the majority of women to dare to venture into this field. Take the examples of Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, all of whom have been slandered by men repeatedly. This slandering goes to the highest level with President Trump calling Ocasio-Cortez “not even that smart”. It is clear that men try to restrict women in politics.

In conclusion, while there can be many reasons for women not entering the arena of politics, men stand out as the most important of those reasons. Traditional male dominance ensures that women were not allowed to take part in politics while the standards set by men ensure that women today find it very hard to balance politics with their jobs at home. Also, women face great injustice in the form of slandering in politics. These reasons ensure that the role of women in politics is limited.

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